At Home Events

We host at home events in my comfy home in Georgia. Where being causal is mandatory, as i teach you what I do to stay health and how you can do it at home too.

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All are welcome.

Recurring Event: Group Health Accountability Calls Every Wednesday at 1pm EST -> Contact us below for more info

06/06/24 -> Gut Health, & Sourdough Workshop with Kay McIntroe 6:45 pm

06/08/24 -> Gut Health, & Sourdough Workshop 10 AM & 6:45 pm

06/12/24 -> Gut Health, Immune Balancing Fire Cider Workshop 7 pm

06/19/24 -> Gut Health, & Sourdough Workshop for Golf Riders 6:45 pm

06/20/24 -> Gut Health, & Sourdough Workshop with Kay McIntroe 6:45 pm

COMING SOON 2024: Wellness Course -> Details To Be Announced

COMING SOON 2024: 2-Hour Free Masterclass -> Details Coming

International Events

As an keynote speaker for health and wellness, I am asked to speak at conferences and events around the world. My speaking events are listed here. You invite to attend.

Interested in Our New Upcoming Workshop? Great! Give Us your info below and we will contact you with all the details…

pictures from workshops & Courses