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In my profound commitment to guiding individuals toward discovering their purpose and achieving peak health, I believe our presence should illuminate rooms with energy, empathy, and deep connections. My transformative journey, from a timid girl to a resilient individual, unfolded through unexpected trials, including my husband’s terminal cancer at 37. In those challenging moments, I discovered my authentic self and the power to help my husband stand strong, leading me to empower others to uncover their strengths, embrace their inner light, and conquer inner battles.

Rachel Smartt

My Mission

I help individuals unlock their potential by guiding them through challenges, fostering resilience, trusting in God, embracing miracles, and cultivating an unwavering spirit of never giving up.

My Vision

I envision a world where people overcome hardships, become a source of inspiration, and believe in miracles. Guided by divine alignments, they lead purposeful, resilient lives, leaving a legacy of positive transformation for generations to come."


Naturopathic Doctor, Nutritional Counselor from the College of Natural Health in Tulsa Oklahoma under Dr. Joel Robbins M.D. N.D., Certified Mind Body Eating Coach from The Institute Psychology of Eating with founder Marc David Graduate of the C.MI™ Meditation Instructor Program 25 years of experience and CEO of Smartt Transformations Presidential Marketing Director with The Juice Plus Company

every heartbeat echoes our potential for impact, and every step we take contributes to the legacy we leave behind. I am here to inspire, guide, and empower – because every life deserves to be a masterpiece.

Dr. Rachel Smartt, Smartt Transformations

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